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The Nuclear Energy Advanced Modeling and Simulation (NEAMS) Program is developing a simulation tool kit using leading-edge computational methods that will accelerate the development and deployment of nuclear power technologies that employ enhanced safety and security features, produce power more cost-effectively, and utilize natural resources more efficiently. The NEAMS ToolKit will generate insights by simulating advanced reactor system behaviors that are impossible to observe in a laboratory setting.

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Modeling and simulation has a long history with researchers and scientists exploring nuclear energy technologies. In fact, the existing fleet of currently operating reactors was licensed with computational tools that were produced or initiated in the 1970s. Researchers and scientists in the Department of Energy are developing new tools to predict the performance, reliability and economics of advanced nuclear power plants. The new computational tools will allow researchers to explore in ways never before practical, at the level of detail dictated by the governing phenomena, all the way from important changes in the materials of a nuclear fuel pellet to the full-scale operation of a complete nuclear power plant. 




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