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Reactor Product Line

The Reactor Product Line (RPL) has adopted a multiphysics, multiscale approach to ensure its tools can support a broad spectrum of modeling and simulation needs of advanced reactor concepts. Multiphysics integration connects separate phenomena, while multiscale approach can cover different time- and length-scales of each phenomenon. This hierarchal structure allows the coarse one-dimensional plant-level system models to be informed by high-fidelity, three-dimensional neutronics, fluid dynamics, and structural mechanics simulations. Reliance on high-performance computing techniques and increased modularity allow for the flexibility to scale the simulations to computing platforms ranging from small clusters to leadership-class supercomputers.

The RPL develops and deploys high-fidelity, coupled-physics simulation capabilities for advanced reactors:

    • SAM - System Analysis Module
    • Nek5000 - Computational Fluid Dynamics
    • MCC-3/PROTEUS/PRESENT - Neutronics
    • DIABLO - Computational Structural Mechanics
    • SHARP - Multiphysics Toolkit


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